Haikus #4-6: First Twitch Stream

Achievement unlocked: I did my first Twitch stream!!

I hung out with a couple people (and an irritating goose!), goofed around for couple hours and wrote these three haikus.

Writing live on stream was definitely a different dynamic but I really enjoyed it! I wasn’t too worried about getting distracted (because going off on a tangent was part of the fun) and I enjoyed ‘thinking out loud’ to chat whenever I felt like I was getting stuck in writers block (reeeeally helped!).

I was going to write a fourth haiku about “wallpaper” but I never really got any traction on the idea when I tried to start processing around the idea so I ended up just ditching it altogether and moving onto the next one. I think if I didn’t have invisible eyes on me like I did, I probably would have just tried to muddle through by sheer force of will but wanting to keep things moving… kept things moving. Off stream, I could have wasted HOURS on that dumb idea..

Anyway, here’s some haikus! Hope you like them 😉

Sleepy Thoughts
My skin flutters from
pin pricks to shy weightlessness;
This dark is so soft..

Window Gazing
Stark-blank mesmerised
By a world in a box, hung
in rain speckled glass

Stars on pedestals
tread red carpets, stained by grace
I wouldn’t grant me

To the people who watched the stream, thanks for hanging out!

Brother Jack

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