I didn’t get the chance to stream this week (busy with uni work.. *sad face*) but I did have a thought brewing through the week for a poem so I took 45 mins last night to rough it out.

It’s a little melancholy but I kinda like it 🙂

Hi Honey.
Are you hiding?

You haven’t responded to the letters
I’ve been stuffing in my drawer
And I’m starting to take it..-

I promise, I’ve been looking for you,
But I’ve had no luck so far
And when it rains
I miss you.

I think you might be close to me
On the nights I hear the stars laugh
..?at my expense);
The jerks.

“Don’t awaken love before its time”
I’m told..-

So, I’ll cast my romance
On songs and stars
And hope there’s none left over
..?to waste);
(Can I get a hint..?/;
Give the future my love,

Let me know what you think, faceless reader.
Brother Jack

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