Sofrito and Chorizo Quesadilla Recipe

Recently I watched a few episodes of chef’s table on Netflix and it slightly blew my mind. I’ve always enjoyed watching a chef like Gordan Ramsey put a meal together but hearing the way some of these master chefs talk about food reminded me of poetry. They were hopelessly romantic about flavour, and texture, and salt. SALT! As I watched I literally thought to myself: “I want to write like that guy cooks.”

This has led to something of a cooking spree (especially since I’ve been struggling to set time aside to write) and yesterday I made sofrito and chorizo quesadillas. They. Were. Amazing.

I took the recipe for the sofrito from here and roughly chopped up half of a chorizo sausage that my Dad brought home for me from Tesco. Then I put a flour tortilla to fry in olive oil, put the grated chedder and the sofrito-chorizo mix in and folded it over into a nice, pale brown, quesadilla. I loved it 🙂

I saw a video of Gordan Ramsey roasting a pork belly and I recon maybe I’d like to make that next…

Fear not faceless reader. If I have any more culinary adventures of note then I’ll put them on here for your enjoyment.

Brother Jack.

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