Wassup Ma Homies?!


Writing is what I love and it makes me come alive. The more time I spend in front of my keyboard the happier I am but, more importantly, writing reminds me of who I am and who I am becoming. It is a beautifully violent act of creativity and I am, hopelessly, addicted.

On this blog I’m probably going to write all sorts of things. There will be haikus, romanticism, goofiness and whatever else pops into my head. At time of writing, I’m about to start a Twitch and YouTube channel where I write poetry, and think out loud, on a live stream. If no-one watches that’s ok, but I’m looking forward to setting aside time to write and “yell into the void”. I’ve always loved writing, whether anyone else liked what I wrote or not, and I can’t see this changing now. But, I offer you, my faceless internet friend, this emporium of poetry, on the off chance that you enjoy it. 🙂

I had a writing teacher once explain to me: “the thing about writing is: even though some people process internally and others naturally think out loud, writing is both of these things.” She was right. Writing, for me, has always been the most sacred, ritual of pinning myself to a page without filter.

All that to say: Welcome to my blog.
Stay a while.

Brother Jack

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