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Haikus #1-3

I wrote a few haikus the other day while I was testing out my twitch setup and this new text editor I found (It’s called ‘Focus writer’ if your interested and I love it). I thought I’d chuck them up on here first.

I find haikus really fun to write because I get to spend an hour cramming as much of the world as I can into 17 syllables, but it isn’t as intense as writing a full length poem. Writing a difficult poem, I could get stuck on it for days but writing a haiku I don’t feel the same kind of pressure. I can dispense with nuance and spend some time admiring the world through a wide angle lens.
Anyway, here’s what I wrote:

Haiku #1:
Melancholy sky,
high-grieving past seasons, hears:
“heaven, grant us snow”

Haiku #2:
After soulless days
I lie awake, indulging
revenge sleeplessness

Haiku #3
The scarecrow’s ghost stands,
wide eyed, over the lonely
and sees them deeply

Thanks for listening, friend.
Brother Jack

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